photo credits: top Kristy Campbell, middle: Patricia Kovic, bottom: Allison Knight

photo credits: top Kristy Campbell, middle: Patricia Kovic, bottom: Allison Knight

Michele Jaquis has been teaching at the college level since 2000. In addition she was a therapist of applied behavior analysis for children with autism from 1996-2003 and taught portrait sculpture and black and white photography to incarcerated youth in the summer 1998, and media arts and techno-culture to teens in an after school program at a STEAM charter high school from 2005-2007. Currently she is Associate Professor in the Creative Action Program and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Artists, Community, Teaching Program at Otis College of Art and Design, where she engages students in collaborating with each other and community partners, while overseeing all undergraduate minors. 

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Upcoming Workshops:

Past Workshops:

Engaging Through Sound and Vision: Oral History Podcast Recording Workshop, Community Works Institute West at Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA
July 22, 2019

We Are All Americans: Oral History Recording Skill Session at Reciprocity Los Angeles Artists Retreat, Organized by Asylum Arts and the Institute for Jewish Creativity, Simi Valley, CA
April 9, 2019

We Are All Americans - Oral History Recording Workshop for Maiden L.A. at Michele's studio in Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
11am-3pm, August 19, 2018

Veterans and Immigrants Oral History Recording Skill Share at Side Street Projects, Pasadena, CA
1-4pm, May 19, 2018

Your Neighborhood, Performance Workshop for Family Day: Community Studio, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 12, 2015

Re-Creating the United States (with Patricia Kovic), 6 week in-school artist in residence workshop w/ Granada Hills Charter High School's AP English class and the Skirball Cultural Center's Education Department, Fall 2012

Current Courses at Otis College of Art and Design:
CAIL 300 - Uniquely Abled (partnered with ECF's Westside Art Center), Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019
CAIL 300 / ILMS 300 - Community Radio / Radio (partnered with KXLU 88.9FM & KLMU internet radio), Fall 2010 - Fall 2014, Fall 2015 - Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2019

Past Courses at Otis College of Art and Design:
Various Independent Study Projects, 2002-2019
(Teaching Abroad, Uniquely Abled - in the field, Documentary and Social Practice, Zimbabwe Political Journey, Public Practice: Thesis Workshop, Teaching Internship, Foster Youth Project, Art and Special Education, Mockumentary, Drawing/Installation, Interdisciplinary, Website/Portfolio)
ACTS 335 - Community Arts Internship, Fall 2010, 2011
ACTS 336/FINA 391 - Teaching Internship, Fall 2008 -2011
FINA 390 - Directed Internship, Fall 2003 - Spring 2005, Spring 2006, Spring 2008
FINA 451 - Senior Studio II Professional Practices, Spring 2005
FNDT 110 - Form and Space I, Fall 2007, Spring 2008
FNDT 110 - Form and Space II, Spring 2008
FNDT 145 - Sculpture/New Genres Elective, Spring 2006
ILMS 300 - NEIGHBORGAPBRIDGE (mentor faculty for Patty Kovic), Fall 2009 - Spring 2013
ILMS 300 - Creative Solutions to the Autism Epidemic (partnered with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders), Spring 2008 - Spring 2010
NMDA 210/MEDA 210/MEDA211/FINA 550 - Experimental Video I / Intro. Video / Video I, Fall 2000 - Fall 2002, Fall 2005, Spring 2009
OTEAM - Digital Image Manipulation, Fall 2005, Fall 2006
OTEAM - Interactive DVD Self Portraits, Summer 2006
OTEAM - Living and Creating in the Digital Age, Fall 2007
OTEAM - Re-engineering High Tech High LA, Summer 2007
OTEAM - Surveillance and Personal Narrative in Video, Spring 2006
OTEAM - Truth and Fiction in Video, Spring 2007

Past courses at University of California Riverside:
ART/FVC 4 - Introduction to Video Art, Fall 2001 - Winter 2008
ART 5 - Beginning Sculpture and 3D Design, Fall 2006 - Winter 2008

Past courses at California State University Long Beach:
ART 263 - Beginning Sculpture, Fall 2000
ART 499M - Special Studies in Sculpture, Fall 2000

Past course at Rhode Island School of Design:
SCULPT W484 - Interactive Live Art and Documentation (team-taught with Suzi Fox), Winter 2000