until i can speak my mind

2009, 35 mm film, color, silent, 1:22

directed and performed by Michele Jaquis, cinematography and lighting by Luis Guizar

This short film was inspired by a recurring dream that the artist and her twin sister have both had for several years. In the dream she is chewing gum and no matter how much gum she attempts to remove from her mouth there is always too much still in it. Her sister's belief is that once she is given, or gives herself, permission to voice her opinion about a pressing issue, the dreams subside.

exhibited at: LA Municipal Art Gallery 5.12.12, Craftswoman House 12.03.11, Art @ 12 8.11.11 - 9.30-11, New Puppy LA 3.13.10, Federal Art Project 8.13.09 (review)